1) Curved Theory of Existence
1.1) Start Here
2) Introduction
2.1) Where are we now?
2.2) What's missing
2.3) Curvature
2.4) What about quantized space-time?
2.5) Other implications?
2.6) What about charge?
2.7) What about the other forces?
2.8) What about electrons?
2.9) Where did all of the antimatter go?
2.10) Other organizations of curvature
2.11) Synchronous curvature
2.12) More about the SOE
2.13) Potential consequences
3) Curved Theory of Existence
3.1) The Laws of CTE
4) The Proof
4.1) Proof Part 1: Photon Energy
4.2) Proof Part 2: Photon Geometries
4.3) Proof Part 3: First Law Correspondence
4.4) Proof Part 4: Derive R and K
4.5) Proof Part 5: Bring It All Together
5) Theory of Dimensional Evolution
6) Universe Questions
6.1) Are there undiscovered principles of nature: new symmetries, new physical laws?
6.2) How can we solve the mystery of Dark Energy?
6.3) Are there extra dimensions of space?
6.4) Do all forces become one?
6.5) Why are there so many kinds of particles?
6.6) What is Dark Matter? How can we create it in the laboratory?
6.7) What are neutrinos telling us?
6.8) How did the Universe come to be?
6.9) What happened to the anti-matter?
7) More Questions
7.1) How is CTE related to QCD and the Standard Model?
7.2) How is CTE related to GTR theory?
7.3) What is the nature of time?
7.4) What is the nature of forces?
7.5) What is the nature of a charge?
7.6) What is the nature of a photon?
7.7) What is the nature of the CBR?
7.8) What is the nature of mass?
7.9) What is the nature of a vacuum?
7.10) Why is the force of charge so much more powerful than gravity?
7.11) What is the gravitational mass of antimatter?
7.12) What is the difference between leptons and bosons?
7.13) Why doesn't the Universe described by CTE simply snuff itself out?
7.14) What did the Universe look like during and shortly after inflation?
7.15) What did SOE's look like during the inflationary period?
7.16) Why has it taken so long to figure this out?
7.17) Other potential effects?
7.18) What's in the future?
8) Executive Summary
9) Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle