CO2 Forcing: Fact or Fiction
Many sources of information
The Ice Cores
Vostok Ice Core Temperatures
Effects of Sample Interval
Ice Core Temp+CO2
Last 15K years Temp+CO2
DomeC Ice Temp+CO2
Data Smoothing
Temp+CO2 1500 year smoothing
DomeC Temp+CO2 with smoothing
Last 15K years with smoothing
Last 15K years DomeC
DomeC 15K years + smoothing
Compare Vostok and DomeC
Correlation Analysis
Cross Correlation Analysis
Cross Correlate Temp and CO2
Cross Correlate Temp and CH4
Cross Correlate Temp, CO2 and CH4
DomeC Cross Correlation
DomeC Correlate Temp and Co2
DomeC Correlate with smoothing
DomeC TEMP, CO2 and CH4
Auto Correlation Analysis
Short Term Auto Correlation
Medium Term Auto Correlation
Long Term Auto Correlation
Longer Term Auto Correlation
An Even Longer Term Effect
Combined Effects
Is This Enough Forcing?
Atmospheric Absorption
Atmospheric Absorption Spectrum
CO2 Absorption
GHG Forcing
Satellite Observations
Anomaly Analysis
Anomaly Fix
Anomaly Partial Fix
Observed Variability
Global Average Temperature
Hemispheric Differences
Hemispheric Temperatures
Surface Reflectivity
Reflectivity Asymmetries
Temperature and Reflectivity
Where is the Sun Now?
Temperature and Energy
Implications of Sun-Earth distance?
Ice Amplification
Ground Based Observations
Mauna Loa CO2
Mauna Loa CO2 and Temperature
Is CO2 Forcing Plausible?